This week we have been growing cress and runner beans.

The children have enjoyed talking about what plants need to grow and have made their own cress diary’s on how the seeds have changed over the last few days. On Friday we will be sending home the runner beans. Please could you look after them during the holidays (encourage the children to write their own diary of the bean using their phonic knowledge) and then bring them back into school on Tuesday 30th April so we can see how much they have grown. Thank you!

Arts and Culture Week

It was a very colourful week in Reception last week. We enjoyed making Lei necklaces, masks, hats, shakers, streamers and flags all in different colours.

We made wrote our own music and then played it using coloured water.

We talked about what colour we thought friendship was and have displayed our ideas in the classroom.

We also had fun learning what happens to skittles when you put them in a circle on a plate and added water to them.

Wow cards

You should have received a letter explaining the wow cards with four cards that you can begin to fill in. We would love it if you could send in more! If you would like any more of the wow cards please let us know and we can print them out for you.

If you would like to view the Early Years Curriculum that will follow in Reception please click on the following link

We look forward to seeing the children’s wow cards 😊

Arts and Cultural Week

During Arts and Cultural Week, we will be looking at colours from around the planet. We will be having a carnival day on Friday to celebrate so instead of our uniform we are wearing as many different colours as we can! 

On Monday we enjoyed making our own version of a Lei, a flower garland presented to someone when they arrive or leave as a symbol of affection. We also enjoyed listening to lots of different music from around the world. 

Reception Science Week

Well, what a week it has been! Every day we have carried out a different science experiment, ending the week with two on Friday!!!

If you would like to try them out at home I have attached photos of the resources and method for each experiment. 

The final experiment was called ‘Elephant’s toothpaste”. Some children decided that this was the best experiment out of all of them  😊 others, well they said that they just couldn’t decide!



Science week begins in Reception.

Today, we read the story Monstersaurus.


 It was all about Monty and his inventions. 

We decided to become scientists ourselves. We made potions…

Ask the children to find out what happened when we went outside with these things.