Our model text for English this half term- a persuasive letter

Please encourage your child to practise learning our model text off-by-heart using the text map (images) below. They can do this at any time of the day/ evening; the more they rehearse and talk about the language, the more confident they will feel when they write their own persuasive letter in a few weeks time. The best readers are often the best writers!


Some key vocabulary:


The written model text:

Distance Learning 19.01.22

9.30am Maths LO: TBAT multiply by 8

10.45am English LO: TBAT use features of persuasion

11.45am Accelerated Reader (20 mins) and TTRockstars (10 mins)


1.15pm Science (investigation) LO: TBAT compare how things move on different surfaces.

You will need: a toy car, a ramp (keep the height the same throughout) and 3 different surfaces. (See video on slide 11 for a detailed explanation).

Should you like to write up your experiment you can do this online and the save/ print this off or by writing it out on paper.


Distance Learning 18.01.22

9.15-9.30am: Spellings. Practise this week’s spellings (the ‘o’ sound spelt a after qu and w) and any words you got wrong in the spelling test yesterday.

9.30-10.30am: Maths – Learning Objective TBAT recall the 4 times table

10.45-11.45am: English- Learning Objective TBAT identify features of our model text using the toolkit.

Using different colouring pencils, colour code to identify the features of a model text.

11.45- 12.05pm Reading- Accelerated Reader/ Library book

12.05-12.15pm TTRockstars

Afternoon activities

PE- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSi2ix1i180

PE with Joe Wicks session. You may also like to practise juggling with one ball and then two.

Distance Learning 17.01.22

9.15-9.30am: Spellings. Please test your child on 6 words from last week’s spelling list (see spelling log book). This could be done in the back of their spelling log book. This week’s spellings will be posted later today.

9.30-10.30am: Maths- Learning Objective TBAT divide by 4

The Maths challenge sheet is there for those children who would like further challenge.

10.45-11.45am: English- Learning Objective TBAT extend sentences using subordinating conjunctions

11.45- 12.15pm Reading- Accelerated Reader/ Library book

PM: Science will be on Wednesday afternoon this week. This afternoon’s lessons are PSHE and RE.

PSHE- TBAT work together to create a garden of dreams

Task 1- Cut up the puzzle pieces and work together to build the different ‘gardens’.

Task 2- Option 1: Draw an image of your ‘garden of dreams’ ready to bring back into class to join another group. Option 2: Have a go (on your own) at the activity the children in class will be doing. Create a garden decoration which can be made and sold at a fête of the Garden of Dreams and Goals. Examples
could be painted stones, painted plant pots, fairies, gnomes, ‘bug
sticks’ (pipe cleaner, garden stick, friendly bugs that can stick in the
ground, pipe cleaner flowers, etc.)

The task involves:
• Working as a team
• Designing a unique product that people would like to buy
• Making the product
• Deciding on cost
• Preparing a leaflet or label for the product
• Selling the product at the fête.

Give the groups five minutes to brainstorm in their groups any ideas
about the product they would like to make. Children share these ideas
with the class and the teacher leads a discussion about the feasibility
of making these guiding the children in terms of time and materials

Key vocabulary:

Team work

RE- Learning Objective TBAT explore the theme ‘fairness’ through the Islamic story of the black stone.

401 USA Challenge

No change in the @the401challenge USA Challenge rankings this week, Year 5 are still out in front! They’ve passed the 5K mile mark and are currently in Polk City, Iowa. 🇺🇸#401VirtualSchoolMission #WJISPESSPA @401foundation Almost 30K miles travelled so far! Brilliant effort! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️