Week 2

What have we been learning in Reception this week?


We continued working in our Read, Write Inc groups to recognise the set 1 sounds, read simple words and write simple sentences.


We counted objects and actions that cannot be moved. We estimated how many objects we could see and checked by counting them.

Topicwhatever next

We sequenced Whatever Next by Jill Murphy and put actions to the story. We created a story map to help us remember the beginning of the story.

Spring Term

I hope the children have enjoyed the first week back. Look out for reading books and new Home Challenges in book bags today.

What have we been learning in Reception this week?


We have been working in groups to begin the Read, Write, Inc writing books. We have been reading simple stories and writing sentences. We revised the set 1 sounds.


We practised chanting numbers to 50. We have ordered numbers to 10, 20 or 30 and practised counting objects accurately. We spoke about more or less and compared numbers and amounts.


We read Whatever Next! By Jill Murphy and worked in teams to create our own rockets. We watched a space shuttle take off and spoke about what we would do if we went into space.

New topic

Thank you so much for all your hard work getting the costumes ready for the Nativity. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and Thursday.


Our focus story for the first few weeks in the New Year will be Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy. I would like to start the story off with children working in pairs to make their own rocket just like in the book. If you have any large cardboard boxes at home or collect any over the holiday then please bring them into school.

Many thanks.

Weeks 4 and 5 

In maths the children have been learning the name of 3D shapes and being extended to describing the shapes. This week we have been learning the names of coins up to £2 and selecting the right coin to pay for items. 

In literacy we practise the set 1 sounds everyday. We use words containing the set 1 sounds to practise sounding out and blending. The children have been choosing to write in their own activities and we are encouraging them to write captions and short sentences. 

Tomorrow is the trip to the church. Please can children come to school with a waterproof coat. In the afternoon we will be having a dress rehearsal for the nativity. Please send your child’s costume into school tomorrow. 



Thank you for returning the seat request slips. I will be sending tickets home on Friday so please look out for these in book bags!

If you haven’t returned your slip then please do so asap as both afternoon performances are really filling up! As we will be performing in the classroom we have asked families to request no more than 2 seats and to choose one performance.

Many thanks.