Today, Year 3 had the chance to ask Mr Trevor some questions about our school. We then had a go at completing a non-chronological report together (shared write) about Woodthorpe Junior and Infant School. We spoke again about the purpose of a non-chronological report and the types of sentences (statement and question) we would find/ use in these reports.

Here is the result of the children’s hard work…

Can they remember the meaning of the following words: situated, inclusive, residential, curriculum, relaxed, and fortunate?

Over the next two weeks, the children will be writing their own non-chronological report about The Stone Age and animals from The Stone Age. Being confident to recall facts about The Stone Age will help them greatly! It would be fantastic if you could spend some time over the weekend/ next week talking to your child about what they have been learning in History and/or completing any further research together.

Time seems to be flying in Year 3, but all the children are working really hard and have settled into life in the juniors excellently.

Have a lovely weekend when it arrives!

Miss Owen

Have a great weekend!, Blakes