This week’s spellings

Rule: If the root word ends in ‘e’, drop the ‘e’ before adding ‘y’.

The children will be tested on these words on Monday 8th November.

Spelling log books will be coming home tomorrow and these log books should come to school daily along with the children’s AR book(s) and reading record. Please encourage daily reading at home for 10-15 minutes and record this reading in your child’s reading records.

reading quote 2 – Fox Covert Primary

Getting creative during COP26

As part of our school’s ongoing engagement with the climate change event COP26, we have been engaging with a number of online sessions run by experts. Our session this Friday is for children in KS1 and KS2, and it is a creative session. Therefore, we are asking all children to bring in (either tomorrow or on Friday) a clean Tetra Pak juice or milk carton (ideally a 1ltr. long life container which has a foil interior).

Can I recycle Tetra Pak juice cartons and containers?
Morrisons Apple Juice from Concentrate | Morrisons
nutrients tetra pak milk – Nourish Genie