Distance Learning 18.01.22

9.15-9.30am: Spellings. Practise this week’s spellings (the ‘o’ sound spelt a after qu and w) and any words you got wrong in the spelling test yesterday.

9.30-10.30am: Maths – Learning Objective TBAT recall the 4 times table

10.45-11.45am: English- Learning Objective TBAT identify features of our model text using the toolkit.

Using different colouring pencils, colour code to identify the features of a model text.

11.45- 12.05pm Reading- Accelerated Reader/ Library book

12.05-12.15pm TTRockstars

Afternoon activities

PE- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSi2ix1i180

PE with Joe Wicks session. You may also like to practise juggling with one ball and then two.

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