401 Challenge Update

Well done to our Year 5 class who have crept into the lead in our @the401challenge – They are 53% of the way through their journey and are currently passing through Guthrie, Oklahoma. 🇺🇸 As a school we’ve completed over 40K miles! Amazing! @401foundation #WJISPESSPA

Persuasive Letter Writing- Time to Shine!

How to Write a Letter: Step-By-Step Guide with Tips | Grammarly Blog
plastic pollution | Definition, Sources, Effects, Solutions, & Facts |  Britannica
How Can I Reduce Plastic Pollution? | Sport Diver

The children in Year 3 have been working really hard over the last few weeks to plan, draft, edit and write up their powerful, persuasive letters, which are about our plastic pollution problem. They have worked really hard to consider the purpose; the audience; the structure of a letter; and include the features of persuasion (personal pronouns, exaggeration, rhetorical questions, statistics, alliteration, emotive language and the rule of 3) in their writing.

The purpose of writing should never just be to end up in their English books, so the children have written their letter up onto lined paper and put this into an envelope. The children will have this original copy with them in their book bags. I have encouraged the children to post these letters at home -with your permission of course- and look forward to hearing about any responses they receive. Please check you are happy to include your address, the school’s name and your child’s name within the letter before you decide to post it. If you are not happy to include the above, you may like to cut parts of the letter off, stick something over the top or use the school’s address instead of a personal one. Please do not feel obliged to post this letter should you not wish to.

Miss Owen

401 USA Challenge Update

Year 3 have pushed themselves into 3rd place in the @the401challenge after a busy week of swimming! 🏊‍♀️They’re currently travelling through Erwinville, Louisiana. 🇺🇸Year 2 are out in front by approx 150 miles, with Year 5 chasing in 2nd place. #401VirtualSchoolMission #WJISPESSPA

Tennis and Gymnastics

Billesley Indoor Tennis and fitness Centre are hosting a Fun, Free open day, for the tennis and gymnastics this weekend, Sunday the 13th of February between 12:00 and 2:00 PM. There is no need to book, and children will be able to take part in fun tennis activities as well as having a go trying their hand at gymnastics all with fully qualified DBS checked instructors. There will be a sign-up offer on the day for Tennis, Gymnastics & Our Gym!  Contact us 0121 796 2221 or email: equiries.billesley@serco.com For more information. Address:  Billesley Indoor Tennis and Fitness Centre, Wheelers Lane, B13 0ST’

Flash Karate Club

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Flash Karate Club’s goal is to promote self growth through improving self confidence, discipline, cardiovascular fitness, strength and conditioning and mental wellbeing whilst continuing the legacy of traditional Wado-ryu karate.

With classes to suit all ages and abilities that are specifically designed to test and improve yours and your child’s body and mind.

TUESDAYS 6-7pm: Open Class available for all ages, abilities and grades.

SATURDAYS 9-10am: Junior Class (white belt – blue belt)

Location: Billesley Indoor Tennis Centre, Wheelers Ln, Birmingham B13 0ST